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Melbourne Private Marriage Registry’s group of experienced celebrants are able to conduct a highly professional lovely wedding ceremony offering an appropriate and dignified ‘special day’ to remember. You are welcome to include contributions from ‘friends and family’ during your ceremony.

Where to start...

The experienced team at Melbourne Private Marriage Registry are happy to help you through every step of the marriage process. Once you have lodged your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) – our team are here to make your ceremony a truly unforgettable day in each couple’s lives. Talk to us about your wishes for your special day.

How long will my Ceremony be?

The Ceremony Room is booked in half-hour intervals with an allocation of up to half an hour for the wedding ceremony. Depending on your specific requests and wishes, your ceremony may be conducted with only the minimum mandatory requirements – in which case it will be a fairly quick wedding process prior to the signing of official documentation by you, your celebrant and your two witnesses. Alternatively you may like your ceremony to be more personalized, which would fill out the entire half hour booking. Couples with a larger amount of guests who want a little more still, may book an ‘extended ceremony.’ In this case, your celebrant will go the extra mile to make your ceremony just that bit more special. The choice is entirely yours.

Legal Requirements of your Ceremony combined with Creativity!

Melbourne Private Marriage Registry’s group of experienced celebrants are able to conduct a highly professional lovely wedding ceremony offering an appropriate and dignified ‘special day’ to remember. You are welcome to include contributions from ‘friends and family’ during your ceremony. During the ceremony, it is our job to make sure that all specific legal requirements are adhered to. Outside of this, couples may wish to compose, and bring along, their own vows and choices of poems or readings to suit their own personal wishes.

How much will my Ceremony cost?

Marriage ceremony prices start from $195*, all-inclusive of the use of our Art Gallery ceremony room (which can accommodate up to 40 people), conducting of the ceremony by the Celebrant and the preparation of all legal paperwork and marriage certificates. There are no additional charges or fees for the hire of the ceremony room – this is fully included in the total Ceremony fee. Please note there are higher charges for after-business-hours ceremonies, plus higher charges for the celebrants time if you wish to use a period longer than half an hour for your ceremony room. Any extensions of time for the ceremony must be pre-booked and a surcharge will apply. There is a seperate fee of $150 for the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage. Call us on (03) 9820 1119 and we will take you through the steps of getting married and simplify the process for you.

So do I just call you to book?

Yes! Just give us a call so we can answer absolutely any questions you may have. We can guide you through the whole process. Call today to book an appointment to come in and lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage – or we can email you the NOIM form and explain how to get your NOIM witnessed and digitally delivered to us so we can immediately lodge your paperwork – todayl You could be married in exactly one month’s time – or on a date you have chosen within the next 18 months. Call (03) 9820 1119 to make a booking to come into 893-915 Punt Road, South Yarra, or if the administration offices are unattended – please call 0424 778 800. Please check all fees and surcharges on the Price Guide page. Please also ensure you read all Terms and Conditions of Booking.

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Call us to make an appointment to come in to the offices in South Yarra and lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage. Appointments are available 7 days a week – depending upon availability around booked marriage ceremonies and other meetings. We ask that you call first and not drop in – just in case you interrupt another couple’s wedding booking. However – it is also possible to have ‘same-day’ appointments – but call first on (03) 9820 1119 or 0424 778800.


Where one member of a couple is a resident overseas and applying to immigrate to Australia on a fiancé (Prospective Spouse) visa, once you have lodged your NOIM (essentially your ‘licence to marry’) we are able to provide you with the legal required confirmation documentation for your Visa paperwork.


Welcome to Victoria's Pride Registry Weddings!

Melbourne Private Marriage Registry marries and welcomes ALL consenting couples who choose our legal marriage and ceremony services and we have been conducting marriages for people from all over the world for 14 years now! So let’s just call us the ‘All People Marriage Registry’!  The choices of words on this page simply let you know that YOU ARE WELCOME and our team cant wait to celebrate your special day with you. Oh and dont forget that your four legged friends are also welcome to come join you for your special day! 🙂

We started our Pricate Marriage Registry in 2010 as the first private registry to offer Victorian couples a fabulous alternative to the Government’s Victoria Marriage Registry in Spring Street, with the short and long-term goal to offer ALL couples the wedding they had always wished for and always dreamed of having.  We waited years for this, and finally on Friday 8 December, 2017, the Same-sex Marriage Bill was signed into law by the Governor-General. LGBTQIA+ couples who had already married overseas would finally have their relationships recognised in Australia from midnight that night, and the first same-sex marriage ceremonies could occur from the 9th of January 2018.

Our fabulous celebrants are always available to assist you to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form. Under Australian law it is mandatory that a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) – ‘Form 13 (Regulation 38)’ is lodged with your celebrant no less than one month and no more than 18 months, from the proposed marriage date. If you would like to have your ceremony at the Melbourne Private Marriage Registry, then it is easy to lodge your NOIM with us to be married in one month’s time! Call us today on (03) 9820 1119 to book a time to lodge your Notice or to get a copy of a step-by-step guide to getting married with us here at our fabulous Wedding Ceremony rooms.

For overseas guests who plan to marry in Victoria, Melbourne Private Marriage Registry can provide the perfect wedding ceremony and venue as a very affordable service for you. Before you can be legally married in Australia, you will need to sign a Notice of Intended Marriage Form. There are special requirements if you are getting your NOIM form witnessed overseas.